FSC® certification for wood and workmanship

Legnami Vender has obtained FSC certification for wood and forestry, an international certification certifying the provenance of wood from forests and forests subject to strict ecological, economic and social standards.

FSC certified wood

FSC certified timber must comply with principles and criteria of good forest protection to ensure that woody material originates from environmentally friendly forests.

The 10 principles that the FSC brand guarantees are:

  1. the respect of local, national and international laws;
  2. the protection and recognition of property, rights of use and forestry resources;
  3. the recognition and protection of indigenous peoples dependent on the forest;
  4. respect for the rights of workers and local communities;
  5. the efficient use of forest products;
  6. the conservation and conservation of the landscape and biodiversity of the forest;
  7. the implementation of an effective and efficient forest management plan;
  8. monitoring and evaluation of the forest;
  9. the conservation of forests of great ecological and natural value;
  10. forest management aimed at reducing its exploitation and promoting its conservation.

FSC certification for wood also provides a set of criteria (56 in total) that allow you to see if the 10 principles listed above are effectively implemented during the ecological sustainable management process.

3 FSC Certification Types: Forest Management, Container Chain and Controlled Wood

Only after a series of scrupulous controls directly in the forest and then at all stages of processing, Vender Legnami products acquire the FSC brand, to guarantee the traceability and provenance of wood from certified forests.

Advantages of FSC Certification

The FSC brand guarantees an internationally credible, credible and rigorous forest certification , and provides high environmental, social and economic benefits. Purchasing certified FSC products therefore has many advantages, including:
  • The quality of the certified product
  • The reliability of certification (the FSC brand is the most accredited in the world)
  • Safeguarding and protecting the environment
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All Vender Legnami products have recently been certified by FSC.
Through this brand, Vender guarantees its customers the quality and eco-sustainability of wood and workmanship.

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